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Welcome to RedViperGames

The European based tcg store that will hopefully become your go to shop for card purchases and price references.

For Magic: The Gathering and Yu-Gi-Oh our website will have only Sealed products available.

If you are from Europe you can see and directly purchase our Magic: The Gathering single card inventory HERE or our Yu-Gi-Oh single card inventory HERE.

If you are not from Europe and are browsing for some Yu-Gi-Oh or Magic: The Gathering singles you can still check out our single card inventory at the links above and if you are interested in purchasing something you can contact us via email at [email protected] and we can make it happen.

If you are not from Europe, but are browsing for some Weiss Schwarz singles, please feel free to purchase normally here on our website.

We have great shipping rates worldwide and all of our international orders come with included tracking.

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Modern Melee joins RedViperGames

RedViperGames is excited to announce partnership with Modern Melee. Modern Melee is a youtube channel which features MTG gameplay and is focused on Modern format. If you are looking for competitive games of Modern, with a knowledgeable commentary, then look no further; these guys know what’s up. Check out their Youtube channel if you want Modern Melee joins RedViperGames

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WeissAndChill joins RedViperGames

RedViperGames is excited to welcome WeissAndChill to our franchise! WeissAndChill is a Weiss Schwarz BCS 2019 World Finalist as well as an Official Bushiroad Weiss Schwarz Lv 2 Judge. His content is mostly Weiss Schwarz focused with the occasional casual and relaxing gaming stream here and there. Please join us in welcoming WeissAndChill to RedViperGames WeissAndChill joins RedViperGames

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Croatian Nationals 13th place Sky Striker Therion deck

It is true that the Therion engine doesn’t really do anything when you don’t open a Sky Strike Ace monster, but realistically you are losing almost all of the games in which you don’t find a Sky Strike Ace monster during the first 2 turns anyway.

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Welcome to our store

Who are we We are a group of friends and long term card game players who decided to step up and give back to the communities we have been a part of for so long by providing them with a place where they can not only purchase with confidence, but also check for accurate prices Welcome to our store

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