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Modern Melee joins RedViperGames

RedViperGames is excited to announce partnership with Modern Melee. Modern Melee is a youtube channel which features MTG gameplay and is focused on Modern format. If you are looking for competitive games of Modern, with a knowledgeable commentary, then look no further; these guys know what’s up. Check out their Youtube channel if you want Modern Melee joins RedViperGames

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WeissAndChill joins RedViperGames

RedViperGames is excited to welcome WeissAndChill to our franchise! WeissAndChill is a Weiss Schwarz BCS 2019 World Finalist as well as an Official Bushiroad Weiss Schwarz Lv 2 Judge. His content is mostly Weiss Schwarz focused with the occasional casual and relaxing gaming stream here and there. Please join us in welcoming WeissAndChill to RedViperGames WeissAndChill joins RedViperGames

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Croatian Nationals 13th place Sky Striker Therion deck

It is true that the Therion engine doesn’t really do anything when you don’t open a Sky Strike Ace monster, but realistically you are losing almost all of the games in which you don’t find a Sky Strike Ace monster during the first 2 turns anyway.

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Welcome to our store

Who are we We are a group of friends and long term card game players who decided to step up and give back to the communities we have been a part of for so long by providing them with a place where they can not only purchase with confidence, but also check for accurate prices Welcome to our store

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